Digital Communication

Risalto’s platform is secure and we take the greatest care in protecting your personal data. We will never share your data with any unauthorized third party and take every measure to protect your privacy. 

However, many patients find it easiest to communicate with Risalto via their personal text or email, that is under your control, and may not be secured to our rigorous standards. This is because messages to Risalto could be addressed to the wrong person or accessed improperly while in storage on your device or during transmission. You are not required to authorize the use of email and/or text messaging. If you prefer not to, we will continue to use the telephone to communicate with you, and your care will not be impacted in any way.

As part of this service, you may be receiving information about your condition via SMS text messages or email. Some of these messages may be automated.

In signing up for this service, you acknowledge that you have been informed of the risks of transmitting your health information by unsecured means. You understand that you are not required to sign up for this service, and that you may revoke your consent at any time by contacting me. Unless you specifically request otherwise, we will continue to use email, phone, and text to communicate with you.

Medical Disclaimer

Risalto is a service to help you navigate the healthcare system and get connected to the best care for you. Guidance issued by our Care Concierges is informational only and does not include providing diagnoses or prescriptions. You and/or your doctor are responsible for determining your course of treatment.

Care Coordination

To make this service as effective as possible, Risalto concierges will be sharing clinical information with your PCP and other providers in order to better coordinate care. In signing up for this service, you consent to have your information shared with representatives responsible for your care.

You make revoke your consent at any time by contacting your concierge directly at 1-855-410-2023.