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Remote Health Care Concierge

Full-time positions available New York, NY

About Risalto
Risalto is a data analytics and Care Concierge company dedicated fixing the broken paradigm in the musculoskeletal space. Risalto has created a Virtual Center of Excellence - a comprehensive, patient-centered solution that gets in front of the usual disjointed and wasteful care processes that most patients go through, and instead it ensures that every patient gets high quality, delightful care.

Our delightful patient experience centers around our Care Concierge teams. Upon initiating with Risalto, every patient is paired with a personal Care Concierge and a one-on-one health coach, a dedicated combo who is jointly responsible for guiding and supporting the patient through the entirety of his/her pain journey.

Leveraging technology and guided by physician oversight, our Concierge teams start by connecting patients to the right, high quality provider for them. The concierge teams then interact with and collaborate with these providers and patients to ensure that patients are receiving coordinated and effective care. Throughout the patient’s journey, our Concierge teams cultivate patient empowerment and self-efficacy through the use of various coaching tools and targeted education, powered by a holistic view of patient health. With Risalto, patients receive a coordinated and supported patient journey and get back to their lives faster!

We are seeking additional dedicated and passionate Care Concierges to join our Concierge teams. We can accept candidates from a variety of backgrounds including medical assistants, care coordinators, patient navigators -- employees with a healthcare background and an intrinsic customer service mindset. We want people who have an unparalleled passion for patient care, who are committed to our mission, and who are inspired to help shape the vision for this early product and leave their mark on the team.

You’ll love this job if:
■ You are excited to dramatically impact patients’ lives by empowering them to make sustainable change
■ You thrive in a team setting with shared responsibility, all centered around making the patient experience delightful and helping the patient to get better
■ You are a true people person with strong communication skills
■ You have high EQ and empathy with the ability to work with different personalities
■ You enjoy building relationships by listening, asking questions, and helping patients to find their own answers
■ You have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and like adapting your mode of communication to suit your patients’ preferences
■ You are extremely detail oriented and have strong organizational skills. You do not let balls drop through the cracks even in the face of rapid change
■ You are comfortable with ambiguity and are an intellectually curious problem solver. You desire play a role in helping shape how this program evolves.
■ You have a growth mindset and are always seeking to learn and improve

Technical requirements:
■ Previous experience working with patients as a medical assistant, care coordinator, patient navigator, etc.
■ Experience with musculoskeletal and/or chronic is a plus
■ EXTREMELY strong customer service mindset
■ Knowledge of and experience with motivational interviewing and other evidence based coaching techniques, behavior change theories and health psychology is a plus
■ Flexible work hours - including evenings and weekends
■ Ability to work independently and remotely. Ability to be on-site occasionally
■ Comfortable using various digital platforms and a remote delivery model in a rapidly changing environment; technology literacy is a must!
■ Start-up or early stage company experience is a plus
■ Biligual (Spanish-English) STRONGLY preferred

Job responsibilities:
■ Coordinate the delivery of high quality, cost-effective care based on pathways supported by evidence based guidelines
⁻ Conduct intake and questionnaires for eligible patients to guide patient to appropriate provider type and along care pathway
⁻ Interact and collaborate with the patient, family, physician and healthcare team
⁻ Set priorities, plan, organize, and implement interventions that are goal directed toward self-care and the transition to stabilization or independent status
■ Support and empower patients along their MSK journey to optimal recovery
⁻ Utilize “Motivational Interviewing” techniques to influence patient behavioral changes to increase the level of compliance with customized care
⁻ Encourage patient participation and compliance in the program efforts, using biopsychosocial toolbox
⁻ Promote stress relief, personal resilience management, and overall patient well-being through integrative health coaching
⁻ Convey and instruct patients on home exercises, meditation or mental stress reducing techniques
■ Interact and communicate with patient and providers, telephonically, via email or text
■ Document accurately and comprehensively to ensure that we follow all aspects of the patient journey
■ Support team in all administrative tasks necessary to deliver high patient satisfaction and ensure patient progress on the road to recovery
⁻ Help improve the Risalto offering and patient outcomes by participating in quality improvement program and patient engagement initiatives and active problem solving on patient cases as they arise

Our values:
At Risalto, we acknowledge the huge challenge we face in trying to fix aspects of the healthcare system. In order to do that:
We recognize that we are here to solve hard problems for our clients and partners, not sell a product.
We all actively participate in the problem solving.
We seek to strengthen and empower our patients, putting their interests first.
We create space for being wrong and making mistakes in the service of driving progress.
We act in concert, as a team, with disciplined execution once decisions have been reached.
Without exception, we respect our colleagues, patients, and partners, recognizing that we all come from different walks of life and hold unique points of view.
We never forget to have fun!

To apply, email: with your resume and a cover letter. In your cover letter, please answer the following questions:
■ What interests you most about Risalto Health and the Care Concierge position?
■ What do you like best about working in healthcare?
■ If you have experience in a startup environment, please describe both what was most exciting and most challenging in that role.

We want to get to know you better - beyond what’s on your resume!